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About: Payment terminal as an app installed from Google Play on a standard market Android smartphone. It is currently a new, hot product in the payment industry. The challenge was to balance two existing user habits from payment terminals and modern experiences from smartphone.

My role: Leading the team (internal and external designers), facilitating workshops and user research.

Areas: UX/UI Design, User research, Workshops, Shadowing.

Link to product offering (PL)
Link to Google Store
Smartphone as a Payment terminal

Interaction seems simple, but there is a lot of logic and possible cases hidden: app may ask for PIN, card might be locked or not supported, card can be in different currency then terminal, NFC might not detect a card etc.

Rebranded Fiserv version

In 2021 after rebranding both user interface and user experience application was improved.

User Research

We tested solution with real Merchants and with Cardholders. We visited merchants in their work places. With cardholders we decided to sell lemonade near Vistula river in the center of Warsaw (obviously cardholder were asked to pay with a test card).

Google Play Store application presentation
SoftPOS in action

Video presents application in older First Data branding.

Business justification

As contactless payments grow in popularity, it is important that merchants are able to enable these payments on mobile devices. SoftPOS has been designed to meet the current and future needs of consumers and entrepreneurs and will change the way people make daily payments, facilitating the convenient, quick, and secure processing of contactless transactions