Samsung School with Case Study

What: Samsung School is an education platform for schools available for Android tablets and as a standalone PC application. It is developed entirely by Samsung R&D Poland. Every student has a tablet. All tablets are controlled by a teacher's tablet.

My role: UX/UI design, User research. Designing new features for upcoming release based on feedback from VoC, business and end users. Rapid prototyping in Sketch/inVision. Leading Research Program in one of near-Warsaw schools.

See Samsung School Case Study


Below left: from Courses view teacher can start a lesson (4 predefined courses), start quick lesson or create new course. Below right: Library view allows file management. Selected folder "Science" corresponds with the "Science" lesson on the left.

Android/Browser/Windows app

Majority of use includes tablet devices. But especially for teachers, browser and native Windows app solved issue with creating new lessons. While during a lesson tablet is the best tool, copying, editing photos and text is still easier on a PC. Teachers were creating lesson content on browser and standalone application. Which means I had to design part of the functionalities for 3 platforms.

Samsung School Presentation

The video below describes an idea and features of Samsung School platform:

User Research Program

I was responsible for Samsung School Research Program: finding a school, agreement with school management, legal approvals for research with children, setting up technical environment and conducting research.
Research activities: in-depth interviews, shadowing, usability testing with teachers and students (diads), diary research for teachers.