S-Stories Android app | Samsung

About: Mobile app concept. Everyday people capture their moments by making millions of photos. A smartphone is a perfect tool for this purpose. Suddenly people end up with their devices full of photos. Eventually we loose control of our photo collection. S-Stories helps people to manage their photo collection. It automatically discovers stories to be told and offers an attractive way to present them.
My role: User Interface Design, animations.
AI Auto tagging

Image recognition system automatically adds tags to pictures so it is possible to search and sort your library based on objects showed on photos. User can choose "Bicycle" tag and system will show all pictures including bicycles.


S-Stories application creates stories out of user pictures. Tilted feather as a metaphor has 2 meanings. It resembles a bird pen used for writing stories in the past. And additionally, colors represent stories bars from the app GUI.

Loading animation

Every iteration started from interaction design usually in Axure, sometimes on whiteboard or in the notebook.