Information: Sleeping mask raised 450 000$ on Kickstarter campaign. I co-created together with Inteliclinic team innovative smart sleeping mask with integrated electrodes for recognizing user brainwaves to enable polyphasic sleep.

My role: product concept, ideation, design, prototype, ergonomics.

Innovative concept

When Intelclinic thought about something similar to sleeping masks in the market or Reemee, Michal Glogowski proposed completely new idea of mask. He created a model, 3d-printed it and deliver first model made of polyurethane - a soft foam which in version called viscoelastic foam is hypoallergenic.

Wearable device for better sleep

Hard plate separates user's eyes from electronic mechanism. Sensors are placed in the forhead area. Soft material cover is washable. USB port is accesible through one of holes in hard plate, the same with ON/OFF button.

Successful campaign

Project received a lot of international attention apart from successfull Kickstarter campaign. Michal Glogowski was responsible for overall design and technology. There were 3 versions of mask: 1 made by Intelclinic itself, second made by Michal Glogowski and 3rd - the final version.

Concept sketches

Fast sketches of the early ideas of the mask inspired by ski goggles.

Working on details

With Kamil Adamczyk, Intelclinic's CEO, consulting detail of the 3d model.

3D printed model

We have made 3d printed model as a base for further foam prototype.

2nd version

After hiring Michal Glogowski this was his first version he made for Intelclinic. It was different from the first version Intelclinic made on their own, which looked much like sleeping masks available in market. First image below - 3d visualisation, 2nd one - real life mockup.