Merchant Portal | First Data

About: Merchant Portal version before rebranding in the 2021 as First Data was acquired by Fiserv and a name disappeared from the market.

My role: 50% team management, 50% hands on design (UX, UI, User research).

Responsive and PWA application

Merchant Portal is a responsive application (RWD) with every screen designed to be used in 3 major breakpoints. Most features are accessible regardless of the user device. It is also created as a PWA application (Progressive Web App). Currently one PWA version is deployed to the Google Play Store (OnePortal24 for Poland).

Link to OnePortal24 app in Google Play Store

Financial application for merchants

Merchant Portal is a financial application. It's main feature are Financial views - tables with pre-authorisations, authorisations, transactions, funding etc. Table is a Design System component. It is versatile so when creating a new view that require a table grid, front-end developers don't need to ask for a new design - they are implementing based on the component description.

Design System - button component example

Below is a Design System example of a component description for a button.