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About: Merchant Portal is a digital product that allows merchants manage payment side of their business: tracking transactions from their terminals and ecomm stores, request additional services, respond chargebacks, download statements and more. It is responsive web application, accessible from browser, tablet or smartphone. It is the one-stop-shop for all personas from Fiserv payment ecosystem. Application uses Angular framework, is fully responsive and build as a PWA (Progressive Web App) - it is available as mobile application in Google Play Store.

My role: 70% team management, 30% hands on design (UX, UI, User research).

Virtual Terminal

Merchant Portal contains a lot functionalities that were previously separate applications. Below example for Virtual Terminal product. In Use case section of this website I present how my teram migrated this application from the legacy version.

Every view in Merchant Portal is responsive with 3 major breakpoints for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Click to see Virtual Terminal use case

Disputes (chargebacks) management

Disputes management allows merchant to respond to raised chargebacks. Design emphasises a time factor and process in the form of Timeline. Below state presents Sliding panel opened after user selected one of table rows. Sliding panel presents additional data and allows to perform additional actions.

Whitelabel product

Color system allows to change branding of the solution per client, maintaining visual coherence at the same time. Below branding of Clover for UK business.

Terminal management scheduler

Another example of complex product available within Merchant Portal.